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There are many hazards associated with mining, including cave-ins, explosions, floods, and chemical spills. Injuries and fatalities are all too common in the mining industry.

That’s why it’s so important to be aware of the risks associated with mining and to take steps to protect yourself and your crew. Drones can be used to survey an area before miners enter it. This can help to identify potential hazards and allow miners to avoid them.

Drones can also be used to monitor mining operations. This can help to identify potential problems and allow for early intervention.

Here are some of the most common risks associated with mining:

Cave-ins: Cave-ins are one of the most common and dangerous hazards in mining. They can occur without warning and can trap or crush workers.

Explosions: Explosions can occur in underground mines when gases such as methane build up and are ignited by a spark. Explosions can also be caused by blasting.

Floods: Flooding can occur in underground mines when water leaks into the mine. Flooding can cause loss of power, equipment damage, and injuries or fatalities.

Chemical Spills: Chemical spills can occur when hazardous materials are used in mining operations. These spills can be extremely dangerous and can cause serious health problems for workers.


Kesowa aims to minimize the risk on all fronts by implementing monitoring solutions that can alert users in time before any extensive damage.


There are several problems associated with mining that drones can solve. One of the main problems is that of safety. Drones can be used to inspect mining sites and operations and can help to identify potential hazards. They can also be used to monitor workers, and to provide a safe working environment.

Another problem associated with mining is environmental damage. Drones can be used to monitor environmental conditions, and to help to mitigate the impact of mining operations. They can also be used to assess the rehabilitation of mining sites.

Drones can also help to improve the efficiency of mining operations. They can be used for mapping and surveying and can help to identify areas where resources are located. They can also be used to transport materials, and to carry out other tasks such as inspection and repair.



Get in touch with us to help you get the analyzed data you want in a structured report with a Dashboard powered from our Database of 3000+ Drone Pilots and Map Makers from across the world. Engage for specific requirements ranging from short term to long term commitments. 

Photographs & Videos

Management all your missions - photography and videography missions effortlessly. From planning to execution and sharing of data with Mission Planner.

Geo Tagged Video

Dedicated Pilot trained to fly with waypoints to capture linear videos along specific routes. Get geo tagged videos with ARU’s in built Video player where you can see the location of the drone along with the feed.


Store your 20mm High Resolution 2D or 3D Maps generated from High Resolution imagery captured from Drones along with any Raster or Vector Layers.

Dedicated Team with Analysis

Get in touch for a Dialogue on custom requirements to meet your work flow. Our Experts can help on designing your drone team requirements end-to-end.

Our Caselets

Post Mining Greenery Monitoring

Explore how ECL, a Coal India Company is using drone data to monitor greenery and plantation at a closed down opencast mining site in West Bengal, India.

Underground Mine Route Subsistence monitoring

How Routine videos along a closed down underground mine’s route over the surface is helping prepare stakeholders mitigate potential mine failure risks.

Minesite Digital Twin helping Regulators obtain Better Auction Prices

Volumetric Assessment of a minesite is possible with a digital twin from data processed by a Drone with a 4K Camera. This intelligence is enabling realization of improved Mining Lease Prices and solve future disputes.


Drones can be used to map and survey large areas of land, which is particularly useful in the mining industry. They can cover more ground in a shorter period than traditional methods, and they can also access difficult-to-reach areas.

Drones can be used to inspect mining equipment and facilities, and to monitor security around mining operations. They can also be equipped with cameras and other sensors to detect potential hazards, such as gas leaks or fires.

Drones can be used to deliver supplies to remote mining operations. This is particularly helpful in areas where roads are nonexistent or impassable. Drones can also be used to deliver medical supplies or other critical items in emergencies.

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