This dronetech startup “Kesowa” is connecting drone pilots, data analysts, map makers and customers

Vinayak, Vrint and Prayush were thinking of what kind of business should they setup which can help solve problems in developing countries like India, help create employment, introduce modern age technology and enable wealth creation by design. What started as a just an idea in 2018, after many years of ideation and followup is now a Dronetech Data Startup “Kesowa” that aspires to make drone data available to anyone on call.

Vinayak Malhotra, an Economics Major from Sri Venkateshwara College, Delhi and a thorough professional with multiple years of experience in the consulting space; Vrint Poddar, a B.Tech from PES Institute of Technology Bangalore with tremendous experience in the projects execution space; Prayush Poddar, a student from St. Xaviers College Kolkata and PGD-FMB from SP Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai; have one thing in common – a drive to be unrelenting entrepreneurs.

“Kesowa” was born in 2019. When they explored the drone space, they found a significant gap and absence of a product which enables management of drone data – photos, videos and maps between different users – pilots, analysts, customers, consultants. Vinayak, Vrint and Prayush hope to assist and enable individuals or teams to smoothly setup drone based programmes and earn from day 1 with the help of “ARU”, drone data management software.

Building Indigenous Dronetech Startup

Drones are becoming the most widely used tool for many industries. Drone services industry is projected to grow at a CAGR of more than 50 per cent on a global scale till 2025.

Kesowa is a dronetech startup based out of Kolkata, which has developed “Aru” an intelligent software that can work with any drone with a camera and makes use of Artificial Intelligence and complex algorithms to provide unique answers. Kesowa have an enterprise deployed MVP and are setting up a SAAS version in January 2022.

Kesowa is currently bootstrapped, and now started looking at raising seed capital. Prayush says that we are a small team, and we confidently feel that we are part of an industry that is slowly taking off. We are open to ideas and suggestions from anyone who wishes to participate.

Prayush think that the drone industry will evolve with localized players being strong service companies with steady delivery. Dronetech startup “Kesowa” target audience are those individuals or organizations who will service their set of customers with drones as on demand. Alternatively, Prayush and team are thinking of a D2C strategy but, this will require investors support for larger marketing costs.

Vinayak, Vrint and Prayush are delighted that Newtown Kolkata Development Authority is using their platform for their Drone Data Call Center and making informed decisions everyday which are improving governance. More than 1000+ Missions have been conducted through ARU.

“Having worked in the professional and government space, one of the largest issues faced is miscommunication between different stake holders – this is entirely verbal as of date. Drone data – automated data can remove all the misconceptions and bring the truth forward. We envision this will have a transformative effect when put to use. We hope to be a catalyst and help enable a better future”.

Prayush Poddar, founder, Kesowa.

As Developing Countries like India are undergoing rural urbanisation, one of the largest challenges is civic planning, and record keeping at a local level as per Prayush, Kesowa. He says – “Currently the option to have a computerised software and system for a village to setup a GIS System, keep records, etc may run into upwards of Rs 50,000 to Rs 1,00,000 lacs per month. This cost makes it highly improbable for the village panchayat to even think of setting up a GIS. With ARU, we hope to achieve free lance map makers who can be outsourced this job of keeping GIS Data, Plans, As built Drawings, Drone Data, Satellite Data, etc for a village for say Rs 2,500 to Rs 5,000 per month. The Map Maker can easily manage data for say 10-15 villages and earn comfortably 5-8 Lacs per Annum in a rural setting. Map makers can also sell coupled service offerings like master planning etc.”

In this startup journey, Kesowa’s team faced challenges in terms of hiring talent, as they have had to compete with larger industry players (people with IT skills are majorly hired for working on offshore projects). But, eventually passionate youngsters who are more excited to work in this space.

Dronetech startup “Kesowa” is team of borderless thinkers, collaborators and creators with a vision of creating futuristic products that can make real impact. They are strong believer in their core values and principles and stand for accepting the world the way it is.

Startup Insight

  • Founding Year – 2019 since ideation
  • Founders Name – Vinayak, Vrint and Prayush
  • Purpose – To simplify drone and drone data adoption
  • Benefit to Society – enable an ecosystem of aerial intelligence for better informed decision making, truth of action
  • Funded – bootstrapped


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