Feature 01 Single Dashboard for All Your Clients

Our client dashboard is an advanced management tool that allows you to visualize data interactively and automate tasks from multiple data sources to create interactive reporting processes and enhance performance. We will let you off the struggle that involves interminable client information management and information briefing procedures that could significantly impact your company.

Each client is unique, yet they all have one common factor: they want to get the most value for the money with their time and cost. Using client dashboard software to bring all of your business's touchpoints together under one roof is a great way to save time and money.


Feature 02 Plan where to fly and know if you can

The drone airspace map from Kesowa provides easy-to-understand airspace intellect as well as critical ground data. Schedule flights, allocate crews, and request near-immediate flight access. Kesowa provides airspace that is simple to understand, 3D viewpoints of ground things, a VFR map layer, and more.

You can also check the status of crew certifications and keep track of aircraft maintenance. One can assign crews and aircraft to highlight specific flight regions for an operation before actually launching to the field and getting permission from relevant parties. The greatest feature of Kesowa is that it enables an intelligent planning process and is a key to maximizing quality and compliance — the two critical elements in expanding drone business.


Feature 03 Share data seamlessly directly from the drone to your customer's dashboard

You can directly stream data from the field to HQ. Just click on the field, and know the area on the map with a timestamp. Moreover, you can have a repository of all requests safely in a centralized location with flight planning information and actual data collected during the flight. With no complexities involved, assign different user roles for maximum safety of your data and operations. This is all while you are LIVE!


Feature 04 Get an AI-assisted alert on population count during live video

AI can identify and alert management users with infractions, images of infractions, and the location in near real-time while the pilot is flying on the field. Photographs and videos can help you figure out the exact population of the place. The video intelligence API's pre-trained machine learning techniques recognize many objects, locations, and activities in stored and streaming videos.


Feature 05 Share, mark and collaborate with Maps:

Kesowa combines advanced mapping abilities with actual data, enabling you to schedule secured drone missions down to the smallest detail quickly and effectively. For added versatility, the software includes a street map, topographic and satellite tiers, and 3D overflight visualization for quick tactical risk assessments of prospective air and ground risks. This feature ensures that data is of the finest quality and ensures exactness. This option is ideal for organizing drone operations in remote areas where zip codes and other conventional location techniques may be less useful.


Feature 06 AI Alerts like Tree Counts on maps

Know the number of trees, longitude, and latitude of each tree, and coverage of the trees on the orthomosaic maps. Acknowledging the impact that trees have on our planet's well-being requires keeping track of the planet's forest-dwelling accounts. If the number of trees can be counted, the volume of carbon they retain can also be calculated. Moreover, you can accurately plan your projects.


Feature 07 All Your Data and Your customer's data on the cloud – heavy data made light.

You can easily sync Drone maps, Autocad Files, KMZ, Markers, etc. Additionally, you can simultaneously see and take necessary actions on the Web. There are no Minimum PC Requirements, and it can integrate easily with your existing GIS and external GIS like Google Maps, Open Maps, or others.


Kesowa's drone services enable you to gather detailed and accurate data from otherwise unreachable areas. Drones offer high-resolution orthomosaics and comprehensive three-dimensional (3D) portrayals. Drone surveys provide critical information that aids in creating well-informed decisions during the preparatory stages of the construction process site mapping, assessing, or infrastructure inspection.

Drone Technology lets users maintain control and avoid protecting their investments' goodwill. Drone technology is frequently used to investigate wind turbines, major roads, and transmission lines. It reduces the workforce's significant risk during an investigation compared to conventional 'at-height' operating.

Drone surveys are a more efficient, precise, and cost-effective method of research. Drones are equipped with high-resolution sensors and cameras that allow users to interact with immersive three-dimensional (3D) depictions of the project's site.

Drone surveys offer critical data that enables competent planning, from site mapping, assessing, and safety checks to infrastructure upkeep and management. Transmission tower monitoring and power line carrier surveying can both benefit from drone surveys. By eradicating the routine 'at-height' operation, they substantially reduce risk and maximize safety outcomes.

Drones are an integrated component of many private and government organizations due to their diverse uses. We've established ourselves in a number of industries by providing fast, dependable, and safe deliveries. Our technology is capable of catering to government contracts as well as mapping farmland surveys. We have expanded our drone technology to plenty by using advanced survey drones, machine intelligence, and a wide range of sensing technologies.

Drones can take high-quality photos and videos from a variety of heights and in a variety of climates. Most flying drones can withstand winds of up to 22 miles per hour. Few drones can navigate through rain, fog, or even snow.

The effectiveness of the aerial photo taken may be determined by the climate. Our undertakings in India are rarely hampered by the weather. Drones can travel in the cold, but their flight time is reduced. Most drone electric motors will operate in light drizzle as long as the flight controller somehow doesn't come in contact with the water.

Yes! Technological advancement has taken the durability, accessibility, and efficiency of drones to a completely new level. Right from carrying out missions in acute weather to finding missing persons in case of an Amber alert, drone imagery proves to be a vital "Unmanned Aerial Vehicles" tool.

Yes. Kesowa helps in providing critical information to the city planners by creating a master plan on the basis of the existing/proposed plans. We assist in encroachment identification, identify and study existing canal infrastructure and identify the status and measure the respective construction.

With respect to waste identification, we help in identifying construction debris, solid waste accumulation, and canal blockages. We also audit waste management contractors and residential buildings for seamless work.

Pricing Plan

Single Plan
8 Features

  • 1. Flight Planning
  • 2. Digital Logbook
  • 3. Data Streaming
  • 4. Share and Collaborate on a Universal GIS Tool
  • 5. AI Triggered Alerts
  • 6. Flight Log Management
  • 7. Track Multiple Drones at Once Live
  • 8. No Minimum PC Requirements
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