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Agriculture and forestry are two important sectors of the economy that are under threat from the proliferation of drones. These industries rely on human supervision to monitor crop yields, track insects, and perform other tasks that take a toll and require immense manpower.

Forest areas are hard to keep track of and require long tedious hours with high precision to make note of changes around.

To increase productivity, reduce labor costs, and produce high-quality results in these sectors, drones are increasingly used to survey fields and track the health of trees. But individual farmers and forestry businesses are struggling to afford these high-tech tools.


Existing solutions to address the risk of agricultural and forest fires are not effective and costlier.


Drone Mapping

When you leave it up to a human to survey your land, trees can be missed or not marked in time. An animal or human can easily destroy your crops or forest before the trees are marked. That’s why farmers and foresters need to consider drone surveillance.

Real-time monitoring

Drones are revolutionizing agriculture and forestry. Drones can provide accurate measurements of crop height, monitor the health of livestock, and even help farmers avoid wildfires.

The drone collects data and then sends a live feed to the control center, to ensure that the system tracks every development made in the fields.


Drones can also help farmers get an accurate assessment of their crops’ health, which is especially important when it comes to food production. This information can be used by foresters and land management professionals to determine how best to manage forests to preserve their natural resources while still providing good wages for local people who work in these areas.

Value Delivered

Kesowa helps farmers and foresters use an affordable drone to make it easier, safer, and more profitable to grow food and protect trees.

Using drones in agriculture and forestry also helps make sure that chemicals are being applied correctly, so there are fewer chances for damaging the environment or damaging other plants or animals that live near farms.

Forestry is another field where drones can be useful. Foresters use drones to map out land areas that are likely to have high amounts of timber, so they can plan their harvesting efforts accordingly.

Drones can also be used to monitor forest fires. By flying over an area, drones can provide real-time information on the extent of the fire, and help to direct firefighting efforts.


Increased control and visibility

Plan schedule flights based on your customized requirements. Now get increased visibility over all crop yields and minimize risks with complete coverage at all times. They can be used to monitor crops and pests, and they also can be used to survey areas for environmental damage like deforestation, soil erosion, and overgrazing. Drones are also helpful in monitoring water quality and assessing the health of forests.

Share data seamlessly directly from the drone to your customer’s dashboard

Drones can provide a wealth of data about your product. Whether it’s temperature readings, barometric pressure readings, or even the number of packages dropped, your customers can view data from the drone that can help them make decisions about their business. By offering data directly to your customers, you can create a more seamless workflow between your team and your customers.



Get in touch with us to help you get the analyzed data you want in a structured report with a Dashboard powered from our Database of 3000+ Drone Pilots and Map Makers from across the world. Engage for specific requirements ranging from short term to long term commitments.

Photographs & Videos

Dedicated Pilot for 2 Hours with a 4K Camera on a Drone to ensure you get all the photos that you need.

Geo Tagged Video

Dedicated Pilot trained to fly with waypoints to capture linear videos along specific routes. Get geo tagged videos with ARU’s in built Video player where you can see the location of the drone along with the feed.


Book your 20mm High Resolution 2D or 3D Maps generated from High Resolution imagery captured from Drones. Standard Free Satellite Map Resolution is 2000 mm and Paid Satellite Map Resolution is upto 500mm.

Dedicated Team with Analysis

Get in touch for a Dialogue on custom requirements to meet your work flow. Our Experts can help on designing your drone team requirements end-to-end.

Our Caselets

Marking of Forest Boundary in the Nilgiris for long term resolution of man-elephant conflict areas

With growing urbanisation, humankind’s occupancy and presence is increasing drastically in all geographies. Explore how Drone data is enabling marking of forest boundary and updating records for framing of long term strategies for recovery of forest area to reduce man-animal conflict.

Timber Yield Monitoring of Afforestation Programmes

Drone Data is assisting bidders and end consumers see patches of land where trees are being grown on 10-15 year leases and being put to auction.

Drone data is also helping create transparency in a murky timber trade industry where end consumers fall prey to middlemen.

Active Monitoring of Wildlife Movement and Potential Poachers in Reserve Forest Area

How a UN Notified Biodiversity Area is using drones to monitor movement of endangered species and identification of poachers during the middle of the night.

Drone data is also helping identify footprint of established village areas within the forest boundaries.


The use of drones in agriculture and forestry is regulated by the same laws and regulations that govern the use of drones in other industries. These include the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) rules for drone operations and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) rules for the use of drones in the workplace.

If you are interested in using drones in your agricultural or forestry operation, there are a few things you need to do to get started. First, you will need to obtain a drone operating license from the FAA. Second, you will need to purchase a drone that is approved for agricultural or forestry use. Finally, you will need to find a qualified drone operator to help you with your drone operations.

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