Why do we do what we do

We are a collaborative of borderless thinkers and dreamers who understand, accept the reality and hope for creating inspired direction by action.

We are a dronetech company providing solutions, services and software to customers.

ARU, our flagship Drone Data management platform is being built to enable intelligence to stakeholders.

Our Values​

Our culture shapes who we are, while our organization is driven by a sense of mutual faith and pure intentions. It inspires us to be self-starting, genuine, and to take on more responsibilities. Four core values direct us throughout everything that we do:


We believe anyone can.


We must accept the reality. We are humans and we make mistakes.


We are young and we listen.


Professional approach, process driven workflow for scalable dialogue.

Our process

Flying and capturing, processing, and analyzing drone data are done on Kesowa's SaaS platform ARU. ARU is an end-to-end stack for visualisation, storage and collaboration of data. We help you focus on taking action in the real world.

We enable your drone fleets to connect via the internet to ARU and your data gets collected and stored. This data can be further analyzed and used to create data-driven decisions and improve logistics, traffic, and monitoring conditions.

Our Team

The People Behind Kesowa

Intrinsicly strategizes cutting-edge before interoperable applications incubate extensive
expertise through integrated intellectual capital.
Prayush Poddar
Chief Marketing Officer
Vrint Poddar
Chief Technology Officer
Vinayak Malhotra
Chief Strategy Officer
Abhemyanu Sarin
Back-end Developer
Abhinandan Das
UAV Intern
Aditya Shrikant Vetale
GIS Analyst
Akash Adhikary
Operations Co-Ordinator
Growth Manager
Anupam Jana
Drone Pilot
Chandan Barnwal
Chief Accounts & Finance Officer
Chandan Kumar
Android Developer
Debopriya Chatterjee
GIS Analyst
Gowthami Das
Sales Co-ordinator
Kingshuk Bera
GIS Engineer & Drone Pilot
Front-end Engineer
Pallabi Halder
GIS Analyst
Subhendu Panja
GIS Engineer
Ramesh Majhwar
Drone Pilot
Rishav Chatterjee
Mernstack Intern
Samhita Maiti
AI-ML Product Engineer
Uday Kumar Ghose
Chief Business Development
Sarbhanu Khatun
GIS Analyst

We are a group of boundary less thinkers, collaborators, and creators who want to look ahead and create impactful futuristic services and solutions.


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Kesowa Infinite Ventures Private Limited – your local startup.
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