About Us

We are a group of boundary less thinkers, collaborators, and creators who want to look ahead and create impactful futuristic services and solutions.

Kesowa is building ARU – A Drone Management System offering allowing drone companies and drone entrepreneurs to provide tailored drone solutions for various environment. ARU allows to streamline processes and aims to assist with data to help detail the problem, solution, and guidelines for implementation by city managers, infrastructure developers, private, public and government customers. Without automation and connectivity, drone operations will be unable to scale. Thus, ARU provides the backbone necessary to stitch various different users together.

Our extensive software package allows businesses to save many man-hours and generate operational benefits by providing end-to-end program management, user-friendly flight management, and in-platform data analysis.

Why did we form

The big struggle our generation faces is a lack of smart data to respond to actual concerns at a micro-macro level, ranging from pollution to overuse of the planet's constrained built environment. By streamlining drones and drone data through a simple process, our first product, ARU, aims to enable, create, and assist today's generation of problem solvers.

We were formed with the main aim of offering city managers, infrastructure developers, and maintenance agencies a solution where they can have a 360-degree view of their development or location and offer the inhabitants a clean and safe living environment. Moreover, they can make a detailed strategy and an approach to control pollution and lead to sustainable living. Kesowa has contributed significantly to the drone industry by combining high-quality design with ease of access and improving efficiency, security, and expandability of drone operations of all dimensions.

The Planet As We Know Now

A rise in the temperate climate, individuals, animal life, etc., have all disrupted the balance on planet Earth. Scientists are detailing the impacts of such climate-related transitions on daily life as they are largely the result of human-caused climate change.

For instance, farmers all over the world are having trouble keeping up with climate variability and ever-changing water supplies. Crop yields are also threatened by extreme weather events, like flooding or a lack of water. In addition, the planet's snow cover, ice caps, and ocean and freshwater ice melt quickly as the atmosphere warms. Melting glaciers and ice sheets have contributed to a record-breaking rise in sea level. So, what is the solution to this extreme situation? We are here to bring a change that will matter, you and me together.

Core Values

Our culture shapes who we are, while our organization is driven by a sense of mutual faith and pure intentions. It inspires us to be self-starting, genuine, and to take on more responsibilities. Four core values direct us throughout everything that we do:


  • Have faith in your team. Do things that demonstrate our trustworthiness.


  • Take control of the situation. Make the right decision. Show leadership in everything we do.


  • Concentrate on efficiency. Make the best possible use of your resources.


  • Pursue excellence in everything we do. As individuals and as a company, we are continuing to learn and grow.

Invest @ Kesowa

Invest With Kesowa and Start Earning From Tomorrow

Our model of working is simple. When you become a partner, you invest in hardware, software, and resources to sell services. Here is the minimum list of investments required to invest with Kesowa.

  • Micro Category Drone
  • Computer
  • Stand-alone Software - QGIS, Agisoft/ Pix4D, Autocad
  • 1-3 Member Team - Pilots & Analysts

As soon as you invest with Kesowa, you can start generating revenue as you can:

  • Charge per drone service
  • Offer a variety of services
  • Get in touch with customers who avail of services and convert them to enterprise customers

You can also become our enterprise sales partner and offer managed services and turnkey development.

For investment & return on investment calculation for a City Manager/Smart City SPV/ Municipal Authority, you will receive additional revenue from:

  • Penalizing based on transparent information
  • Sale of data if a community wishes
  • Drone ports
  • Increase in property taxes
  • Real estate sales will go up as buyers will be informed
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Invest in Kesowa To Enable Our Partners To Enable The Future of Work

In most of the business activities carried out by our partners, they substitute the traditional methods of operation. However, at Kesowa, you do not need safety infrastructure, and the human operations are also less. As a result, drones help in enhancing data analytics, allowing the companies to comprehend the situation in a much better way and predict the operating performance. Further, it is used in various areas such as 3D mapping, range delivery, inspections in difficult-to-reach areas, data transmissions, and much more.

So, if you invest in Kesowa, you are not just investing in any company that provides drones management solutions but a company that helps a network of companies who are trying to make a difference in the world.

Work @ Kesowa

Kesowa is on purpose to help businesses automate and link their drone operations in order to scale their operational processes. We're expanding quickly, and we're looking for people that share our passion, enjoy what they are doing, would like to make a difference in the world, and create a long-lasting impact in the community. Drop your resume, and we will contact you. We are searching for young, energetic, experienced, and competent professionals for our team. Be a part of the Kesowa Team today.

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